Financial Modeling Services

Financial models are developed and relied upon to assist in the making of important business decisions. AVERE provides complete consulting services to enterprises in order to assist them in making decisions, maximising their value creation, and establishing secure foundations for long-term success.

Financial models are built and relied upon to support major business decisions. AVERE provides comprehensive advisory services to support the decision-making processes of companies, to maximize their value generation and to ensure stable foundations for long-term development.

A properly built financial model provides insightful information, allow you to explore the financial impact of all strategic decisions and support your business plan or an investment decision. The first step of any investment plan is to build a financial model and its primary objective is to confirm the rationality of the planned operation. 

Our team at AVERE always develops financial models in close cooperation with the Client. Our advisors have not only the know-how in the fields of financing and accounting, but are also familiar with various industry verticals; therefore we are able to properly assess all factors which shape our Client’s requirements.

Our financial modeling service offering covers:

  • Development of business plans for projects and investments
  • Preparation of a feasibility study and detailed project reports 
  • Reviewing the financial models and development of optimal financing structures
  • Comprehensive  analysis and assessment of alternative solutions 
  • Support on the creation of restructuring programs;
  • Due-diligence analyses as well as business and asset valuation engagements.

We design, build and review the financial models that are flexible and help in understanding the impact of different financial and commercial assumptions on cash position, profit, tax, and financing structure of the built model.

Assumptions Review 

We analyze the key commercial and financial drivers of the underlying business. We comment on the reasonableness of the key assumptions, including the micro and macro-economic assumptions, probable profitability, working capital requirement, capital expenditures and key feasibility indicators based on the potential risks and our industry and market knowledge.

Model Development 

We work with you to develop a financial model suitable for your needs. All financial models will be built using Excel spreadsheets with defined names, states it purposes and organized in a logical flow that provides transparency in understanding the financial workings of the project. We build flexible structures, which include a comprehensive sensitivity analysis module to allow you to quickly analyze the impacts of different inputs and scenarios.

Independent Model Review 

We review and give an independent opinion on the soundness of the financial model.

Our financial models are designed to serve as useful tools to make the decision-making process simple in the complex real-world business scenarios. We assist and advise on:

CFO Office  

  • Budgeting and management forecasting 
  • Cash flow forecasting 
  • Management and board reporting 
  • Cash and working capital management 
  • Strategic planning and forecasting
  • Supporting creditor and bank negotiations

Decision Support 

  • Investment appraisal 
  • Pricing 
  • Product and customer profitability 
  • Strategic options analysis 
  • Valuation

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