Business Plan & Feasibility Study

A business plan or feasibility study considers all aspects of a project, including economic, technological, legal, and planning aspects. A feasibility study often evaluates various scenarios and suggests the best one.

In today’s scenario, the most critical step for any company considering starting a new project or expanding its manufacturing facilities and operations is a comprehensive business plan or feasibility study.

AVERE has the resources and experience to understand the objective of the proposed project, identify possible obstacles and risks to its completion, identifying the possible alternatives, and analyze the available resources that are necessary to be successful.

A business plan or feasibility study takes into account all the factors associated with a project, including economic, technical, legal and planning considerations, to determine the potential for success of a project. The feasibility study generally considers several possible scenarios and recommends the most appropriate one.

In order to provide an objective and rational feasibility document, we focus our feasibility study / business plan services on comprehensive research and financial modeling of various aspects. This can include the market, operational, financial and economic sectors:

  • Market Assessment: includes industry, current and future potential market, competitive expectations and potential customers. Often you test different websites to determine the best market for your concept or project.
  • Functional Assessment:  This section focuses on identifying the characteristics that need to be created to successfully implement your concept / project. Assess whether a company can adapt to its current operating structure or create the necessary operating environment.
  • Business & Financial assessment: includes an estimate of initial costs, projected cash flow, profits, financial needs and structure. We assess the financial soundness of your concept / project and test it at different levels of sensitivity (sales, costs and fluctuations in delivery times).
  • Cost-Benefit Evaluation: Identifies and measures the expected benefits of a project and often compares different economic scenarios using a cost-benefit analysis.

Legal, corporate, strategic, technical, cultural, resource and other areas are often included in a business plan / feasibility study document. Each service we provide ends with a feasibility study with risk assessment and analysis of results and recommendations.

Benefits of a professionally written business plan / feasibility study:

  • Business offers you an independent professional review and evaluation of your project or business.
  • Possible offers a set of possible alternatives with their advantages and disadvantages.
  • A company offers the possibility of starting your business or project quickly and with a clear plan.
  • Tension determines the amount of effort and the time limit.
  • The objective ensures that the content and format are suitable for your purposes, for example, for internal use or to seek external investments with banks and financial institutions.
  • Saves significant amount of time in researching, analyzing, documenting and formatting the information.

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